18 Oct 2018
24th "journées 3R", on December 5th and 6th: registrations are open!
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The "Journées 3R", ruminant research meetings, have been organized every year since 1994 by the "Institut de l'élevage" (Idele) and the "Institut national de recherche agronomique" (INRA) to share the results of the latest research on ruminant breeding. These days are aimed at a French and French-speaking audience, researchers, students, technicians, professionals, companies, associations and institutions.

The 3R Days programme provides an opportunity to approach livestock systems from scientific and technical, economic, environmental and societal perspectives. Alongside the organisers, Idele and INRA, researchers and teacher-researchers from several Agreenium members will share the results of their latest work: CIRAD, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Enva, Envt, Oniris and VetAgro Sup.

In addition, partnerships with AgroParisTech, AgroSup Dijon and VetAgro Sup will enable students from these schools to fully participate in these meetings, experiments and field innovation.

Specific rates are available for groups of students and teachers.

The program

Online registration

A new website provides access to the 3Rs database in a more readable and colourful way.

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