02 Aug 2018
The "Académie d'agriculture de France" rewards theses
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Every year since 1982, a commission composed of members of the Xavier Bernard Foundation, the board of the "Académie d'agriculture" and experts has awarded prizes to reward the best thesis in higher agricultural education. Applications are proposed by the schools and then examined by the Academy. Winners are invited to present their work at an "Académie d’agriculture" session.

10 students received in 2018 a prize ranging from 700 to 1 000€ from schools, members of Agreenium, Agrocampus Ouest, AgroParisTech, AgroSup Dijon, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Engees, Toulouse INP-Ensat, Montpellier SupAgro, VetAgro Sup, but also from ESA Angers, ISA de Lille, 

We congratulate the winners.

Consult the list of 2018 laureates on the "Académie d'agriculture de France" website

Among them, Manon Verger, a graduate of ENSAT.

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