06 Nov 2019
Agreenium, an asset in the service of France's international strategy for food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture 
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The Department of Globalization, Culture, Education and International Development (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs) published a report on "France's International Strategy for Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture "*. This report constitutes the strategic roadmap for all the French ministries involved in these subjects, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

This summary document presents in about thirty pages the French vision of the major challenges of food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture and the main French objectives and commitments for 2019-2024. The 5 objectives identified for the period are: strengthening global governance of food security and nutrition; developing sustainable agricultural and food systems; strengthening French action on nutrition; supporting the structuring of sustainable agri-food sectors to promote the creation of decent jobs in rural areas, particularly for young people; strengthening food assistance actions, particularly for vulnerable populations and improving their resilience.

The report cites Agreenium as one of the "assets France has at its disposal to promote its values", particularly because it constitutes "an interface for developing common strategies for research, training and international development cooperation".

On the three strategic topics, food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, Agreenium's actions with the experts of its 18 members focus mainly on the design and dissemination of knowledge, for example: an agreement signed with FAO to promote knowledge in the field of life sciences, including an annual cycle of conferences and debates from 2020; a Mooc under development with 7 of its members and international institutions on food systems for good nutrition; an agreement is being developed between Cerfam-PAM and Agreenium to set up a network for the dissemination of knowledge, mainly digital and in-the-field training.

* The memorandum was presented on 22 October by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of Laurent Thomas, Deputy Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, representatives of the World Food Programme, the Ivorian government, representatives of the State, the research community, civil society and the media.

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