18 Jul 2017
AgreenSkills+ selection results : session 2017-1
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Following 2017 AgreenSkills+ programme session’s first call, 65 new applications have been submited. 54 incoming mobilities and 11 outgoing mobilities. 53 application forms belong to « young experienced researchers » ( from 0 to 7 years experience post- PhD research)  and 12 application forms from « independent researchers » (up to 10 years post-thesis experience).

65 complete applications were submited to the Scientific Committee. 26 applications were selected for funding, including 7 outgoing mobility projects and 19 incoming mobility projects.

Since 2012, the improvement of the quality of the applications is a fact observed by the Scientific Committee year after year. They confirmed that the applications once again attained a high level and, as usual, a small number of excellent applications were submitted.

The result of the evaluation and the ranking of the applications as assessed by the Scientific Committee has been approved by Steering Committee, where Agreenium’s members are represented.

All candidates as well as their "Scientific mentor" and the department / institution concerned have been informed about the results.

List of candidates awarded

Submission deadline: 14 october 2017

AgreenSkills+ programme, closing 5 mai 2019, enters its last phase. Next session: 2017-2, will concern mobility projects limited to 12-16 months, based on duration of stay.

No scholarship will be possible beyond the deadline

Submission deadline: 14 october 2017


AgSk then AgSk+ programmes : a few figures

Following AgreenSkills+ programme session’s seventh call: eleven Fellows selection sessions from AgSk and AgSk+, 564 applications assessed, from which 222 candidates have been selected by the Scientific Committee.

More than 195 AgreenSkills Fellows have been or will be funded when the 2017-1 session closes (1 to 3 years mobility), of which 135 researchers coming from abroad (incoming mobility) in our labs, and 60 researchers, « ingénieurs » or lecturers-researchers belonging to our institutions in a lab abroad (outgoing mobility).

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