30 Jan 2019
Katu University (Kazakhstan) signs an MoU with AgroParisTech and Agreenium
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During a 3-day visit to France, a delegation from Katu University, located in Astana, Kazakhstan, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Agreenium and AgroParisTech. This document aims to provide a general framework for the development of collaboration with the largest agrarian higher education institution in Central and Northern Kazakhstan. As of next academic year, it is planned that 5 KATU students will benefit from studies and supervision in research units in France. 

A MoU to move towards co-diplomation

In the long term, the objective is to move towards forms of co-diplomation between Katu and AgroParisTech, with the mobilization of several other Agreenium members for implementation and monitoring, training of trainers, hosting thesis and post-doctoral students in research units. Three themes have been identified among the partners as priorities: plant protection, animal sciences and soil sciences.

Exploratory missions by summer

The Rector of Katu University, Akhylbek KURISHBAYEV, accompanied by two of its directors, Nurlan SEREKBAYEV, Director Academic Affairs, Saltanat MEIRAMOVA, Director International Affairs, was received on 30 January at the AgroParisTech offices in Paris by Gilles Trystram, Director of AgroParisTech, Professor Jean-Roger Estrade and Christophe Sodore, Director of International Relations, as well as Claude Bernhard, Director of Agreenium and Guy RIba, Advisor to the Kazakh Government. After a sequence of AgroParisTech presentations and discussions, the memorandum of undestanding was signed between KATU-AgroParisTech-Agreenium.  

The KATU delegation was then welcomed by Marion Guillou, Claude Bernhard and Philippe Prévost to Agreenium's premises for a presentation of the Institute and a discussion with the KATU rector on future collaborations. On 31 January and 1 February, the delegation will continue its exchanges with AgroParisTech professors and its visits to Grignon and Massy. 

A mission of Agreenium-AgroParisTech is planned for early April in Astana to meet the teams of teachers and researchers to initiate the collaboration. A delegation of KATU teachers and researchers will be welcomed back before the summer in France to perfect these collaborations, which are committed to a very promising multi-year perspective.

Astana's first higher education institution

KATU, located in Astana, is an institution of higher education, research and advocacy in agriculture in Kazakhstan. It is the largest agrarian higher education institution in Central and North Kazakhstan and the first higher education institution in Astana. KATU's mission is to lead change through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and community service with a clear focus on programs important to agricultural and rural development.

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