28 Feb 2019
Methodological Approaches to System Experiments International Summer School June 23-28, 2019 - Volterra, Italy
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Agriculture has to evolve to contribute to sustainable development worldwide. In order to do so, new cropping systems and livestock farming systems must be designed to produce agricultural goods that are satisfactory in quantity and quality, while ensuring a good income to farmers and preserving the environment, notably natural resources. There is growing evidence that the implementation of agroecology concepts is a major springboard to attain satisfactory compromises between these different objectives.


  • Strengthening the scientific nature of system experiments through a solid methological corpus
  • Learning how to build an experimental design taking into account the objectives, hypotheses and how data will be analysed
  • Sharing solutions to overcome problems usually encountered in system experiments (e.g. lack of replicates, changes in decision rules over time, analysis of experimental networks…)
  • Building an international culture on system experiments

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Source information : INRA

photo: ©SIAF

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