06 Aug 2018
MOOC: energy performance gains for the agri-food industries
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How to meet regulatory requirements and improve the energy performance of food processing industries? How to optimize processes and evaluate the interest in launching into renewable energies?

This MOOC aims to study the various levers and will endeavour to provide answers.

Designed by ADEME, actors of agricultural cooperation, food industries and the academic world, the MOOC agri-food industries: gain in energy performance, will give concrete ways to optimize your consumption.

The MOOC will start in September and run for 6 weeks.

In accordance with its missions on digital education, Agreenium is among the institutions that have provided support for the implementation of this MOOC.


To follow this MOOC, it is necessary to have general knowledge on the subject or at least to have followed the MOOC Prorefei. 

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