24 Dec 2018
Oniris: 2 veterinary students awarded in Agreen Start-Up competition
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Leïla and Alexandre, students in 2nd and 3rd veterinary year respectively, in Oniris, participated in the Agreen Start-Up competition. This is an innovation competition in livestock and agriculture that mobilizes the skills of students from a variety of backgrounds.

Alexandre has joined a team working on the development of "pre-fabricated" products that help farmers on their sites with legendary self-construction kits. His team won the 2nd prize with support for the development of the project.

Leïla presented a project in which 3 students joined: to provide communities living on food crops with a customized insect breeding solution by promoting the by-products of local agriculture so that they become autonomous in their protein production. This project won the 4th prize with support from AgriFarmLab (a start-up incubator) worth €1,000. 

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