16 Aug 2018
ReMIX- a project to promote species mixtures in Europe
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ReMIX project is funded by the European Unionat a level of €5 million for four years in the context of the European H2020 programme. ReMIX (Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures) is a project that aims to design sustainable and diversified cropping systems in Europe, based on species mixtures or intercrops for grain production.

The design of cropping systems that are more resilient in the face of food, health, economic, ecological and climatic changes and less dependent on external inputs (chemical fertilisers, pesticides, etc.) represents a major challenge for European agriculture. Based on the principles of agroecology, and notably the benefits of associating different species (particularly cereals and grain legumes), the ReMIX project seeks to provide scientific evidence of benefits and operational responses that will improve the sustainability of European cropping systems.

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