13 Nov 2018
Two Ensp students in training in Tokyo
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Two students from the Ensp Ferdinand Simonot and Florent Bessoud-Cavillot are in training at the nursery of Tokyo's Shinjuku Gyoen Imperial Park.

A former student, Yoko Mizuma, who did her doctorate at the Landscape Project Research Laboratory (LAREP), has sent Ensp students to Japanese parks every year, including Tokyo's Shinjuku Gyoen Imperial Park.

2018 is the year of Japan in France, and the Asian country celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Meiji era (opening the country to the international scene).

The event is celebrated in Shinjuku Gyoen. This park is indeed a manifesto of this historical mutation. Created at the end of the 19th century by a French landscape gardener Henri Martinet, trained at the Ensp and a disciple of Édouard André, it is a garden that combines three styles: the French garden, the English garden and the Japanese garden. It is also renowned for the horticultural knowledge it develops, and for certain events such as its Chrysanthemums exhibition in November.

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Source document: Ensp

photo: Wikimedia Commons


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