10 Oct 2018
Vietnam: exploratory mission for the shared recruitment of engineering students, October 10, 2018
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Exploratory mission for the shared recruitment of Vietnamese engineering students

Agreenium and 11 of its members are carrying out a shared recruitment project for engineering students in order to increase their number in schools. In addition to the "Salons d'Attraction Globale de la France" organized by Campus France in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, an exploratory mission was organized to present the project to the main Vietnamese universities in life sciences. Alexandre Bouchot, agricultural affairs adviser for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and Etienne Saur, Agreenium's international cooperation officer, met seven universities and institutions between 4 and 10 October:
Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HCMUT); Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI); Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City (NLU); Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA); Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST); University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH); Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS). In addition, the project was presented to a delegation of nearly ten leaders of French companies based in Ho Chi Minh City.

The proposal to promote the mobility of Vietnamese students to France for two years at the master's degree level was appreciated. It is part of a concerted academic cooperation approach, in line with the needs of the national economic structure. The meetings with university partners concluded with the prospect of receiving a delegation of representatives from Agreenium's institutions: the objective would be to identify more precisely the student populations to be targeted and to set up an organisation and communication strategy for the selection procedure.
Several economic partners, strongly interested in the prospect of training high-level Vietnamese executives, acculturated to the French entrepreneurial model, declare themselves ready to join the project.
In the overall context of influential diplomacy in Vietnam, Bertrand Lortholary, French Ambassador to Vietnam, praised the relevance of the collective approach of Agreenium's members and assured him of his support for the next step of the operations.

This mission follows the one carried out for the same project last June in Senegal.

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Photo from left to right: 1 - Etienne Saur 3 - Alexandre Bouchot, Agricultural Affairs Advisor 4 - Eric Molay, Scientific and University Cooperation Officer visiting Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).


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