23 May 2018
Training, digital, international: Agreenium's three main lines of action
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Agreenium acts in the field of agronomic and veterinary sciences, more broadly agrisciences. It develops the training-research-development-innovation link by coordinating and pooling actions around 3 axes: training, digital, international.

Following the adoption of its strategic roadmap, Agreenium, the Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute of France, publishes a document available in 5 languages ​​to explain its role and the actions taken with its members.

The strength of the collective

The primary strength of Agreenium are its members, 15 leading agricultural higher education schools and 4 world-class research and expertise organizations. They alone produce 8,000 international publications a year, have 300 research units and offer 225 degree courses and 15 doctoral schools.

Act together

The second strength of Agreenium are its actions with all or some of its members: creation of common training courses, inter-institutional doctoral modules, summer schools; development of Agreen U, the digital university in agrisciences, coordination and financial support of innovative educational resources such as Moocs; management of international cooperation projects are examples of actions taken together since the creation of the Institute in 2015.

Be visible internationally

Agreenium has a network of 11 representatives world wide to relay its actions, coordinate projects and build partnerships. The presentation document of Agreenium translated into 4 languages, aims to make known internationally this network and its actions.

English brochure 

Spanish brochure

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Chinese brochure

French brochure

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