Experimental platforms and plots

The three-pronged approach of training-research-innovation is preferred for experimental platforms and plots available to researchers and students and can carry out services for professional organisations. A few examples of experimental platforms and plots for educational use are given below.
Agricultural and forestry experimental plots
  • pooled experimental facilities (INEM): glasshouse system in Angers
  • experimental dairy and pig production facilities (UMR Pegase) in Rennes
  • Grignon experimental farm (270 ha farmland, 120 dairy cows and 500 ewes) in Ile de France, which sponsors the Grignon Positive Energy project 
  • La Bouzule farm, which has a methanisation platform, with three goals: energy self-sufficiency, food self-sufficiency and nitrogen self-sufficiency.
  • Three PEFC-certified forests: Bois de la Sivrite (19 ha), Bois du Chapitre (139 ha) and Forêt de Brin (604 ha) in Lorraine  
  • Luchey-Halde vineyard (Pessac-Léognan label) 
  • domains of Merle (livestock, irrigation, arable crops) and Chapitre (vine, wine and olive-growing) in Montpellier 
  • King's kitchen garden at Versailles 
Technology centres for studying processes (food, wood, water, etc.)
  • milk platform (UMR STLO) used to create, at reduced scale, technological operations applied industrially to milk in Rennes 
  • food processes technology centre: 2800 m2 and 150 liquid/dry operations, ready-to-eat dishes and breadmaking with health approval in Nantes
  • technology centres - food process engineering in Ile de France 
  • Nicolas Appert platform in Massy: 1300 m2 and 45 instrumented pilots 
  • Ile de France platform for cereal studies (FRECE) - “baking” workshop in Massy 
  • CBAI technology centre in Grignon 
  • technology centre for the use of wood and its by-products, wood recognition laboratory at Epinal (Lorraine) 
  • hydraulic pilots, mainly floods, and water treatment pilots in Strasbourg 
Technical platforms
  • five Quasav technical platforms in Angers (plant campus project): cell imagery, phytochemical analyses, nucleic acids, collection of micro-organisms, phenotyping tools; 
  • technical platforms in Burgundy: DimaCell (life cell imagery), Chemosens (food, sensorial experience, food behaviour), PPHD (high throughput phenotyping), Génesol (soil genetics)  
Veterinary teaching hospitals
in Lyon, Maisons-Alfort, Nantes and Toulouse