the Institute


The Institute is administered by a Board and run by a Director. 
The Board is assisted by a Strategic Advisory Board and a Council of Members. 

The Board  
The Board has forty directors, including sixteen staff and student (including PhD students) representatives, eighteen representatives of members split equally between higher education institutions and research bodies, two qualified personalities and four representatives of governing bodies. 

The Institutes electorate is a community of 27,000 people made up of members’ staff and students. Installed on 25 November 2015, the Board elected its Chairperson, Marion Guillou, and its Vice-Chairperson, Bernard Vallat

The Board sets the general guidelines for the Institute and deliberates after opinions from the Council of Members.  
Council of Members 
The Council of Members includes a representative from each member institution and body of the Institute. 

The Council has set out the general positioning of the Institute, the goals for its training policy, its principles for international action and in the digital domain.

composition of the council of members
Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board unites 25 personalities named by the governing Ministries as proposed by the Board. Its role is to engage in forward-looking debate on exercising and developing the missions entrusted to the Institute. The SAB met for the first time on 14 June 2016 in Paris.

Guy Fradin, General Engineer with the Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests, was elected Chairman from the 25 personalities named by an order of governing ministers dated 6 June 2016.