the Institute


Agreenium, the French Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute, supports the public training-research-innovation policies in life sciences, animal health, health risks, forestry, environment, water and landscape.

The Institute was created in 2014 by the Law on the future of agriculture, food and forestry.
Governed jointly by the Ministers for Agriculture and Higher Education, its members are fourteen higher agricultural, veterinary and landscape education institutions and four research bodies and consolidate them at the highest international level”. 
The Institute's primary calling is to organise cooperation between its members: cooperation on agricultural training, veterinary cooperation, training of teaching staff and supervision of technical agricultural teaching. 

The Institute brings together the skills and the expertise of its eighteen members, gives them exposure and increases their capacity for action, especially on the international stage. Its members can thus bear joint responsibility for training and research strategies through shared national, European and international projects, thereby encouraging the coordination of their policies and activities. It encourages especially the coordination of the engineering courses in areas within the scope of the Ministry and the renewal of the baseline for veterinary studies.