UP INRA 1158 - Agroresources and environmental impacts (AgroImpact)

AgroImpact carries out research on the assessment and control of environmental impacts relative to the carbon and nitrogen cycles and linked to farming practices (nitrate pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, management of soil organic status). This research focuses on arable crops grown for food purposes or dedicated to the production of renewable carbon.
Three research areas are addressed:

  • the quantification and modelling of of short and long-term impacts in three compartments - soil, water and air - and in food or energy crop systems.
  • the assessment of cultivation practices and their agri-environmental impacts: soil tillage methods, degree of intensification, type of crops, etc.
  • the production of scientific and technical references on plant functioning and the environmental impacts of energy crops (second-generation biofuels).

The Unit is also closely involved in the development of decision-support tools, for example, for fertilisation or the management of organic soil status.

Doctoral school(s)
DS 104 - Materials, Radiation and Environmental Sciences
Co-accredited institutions : ComUE Lille Nord de France