UP INRA 1404 - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, from Genomes to the Environment (MaIAGE)

The MaIAGE research laboratory gathers mathematicians, computer scientists, bioinformaticians and biologists to tackle problems coming from biology, agronomy and ecology. 
The addressed questions may concern processes at very different levels: molecular, cellular or multicellular, individual, populations, ecosystems or landscapes.

MaIAGE develops original methods in mathematics, statistics and computer science which are generic or driven by specific biological problems. A particular attention is paid to develop and make available softwares, databases, ontologies and web services so that biologists can use them easily to analyze their data or to mine the scientific literature.

Doctoral school(s)
DS 581 - Agriculture, food, biology, environment, health
Co-accredited institutions : Agreenium, Université Paris-Saclay, Université Paris-Est, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
DS 580 - Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
Co-accredited institutions : Université Paris-Saclay
Head : Nicole BIDOIT-TOLLU