UMR 1224 - Behaviourial Ecology and Fish Population Biology (ECOBIOP)

The research undertaken by the Joint Research Unit “ECOBIOP” focuses on the role of individual behaviour in the structure and evolution of wild fish populations. We study the consequences of behavioural strategies (mainly dispersal and reproduction) on the variability of target life-history traits (survival, growth, age at reproduction, reproductive success). We then integrate these results in the broader framework of population demography and genetics, by building individual level or population level dynamic models.

This general objective is divided into research projects carried out on local species (shad, eel, brown trout and Atlantic salmon) and catchment areas (Nives, Nivelle, Bidassoa and Adour rivers) ) but also in preserved sites ( introduced salmonids in the Kerguelen islands). We also develop applications regarding management and conservation of wild fish populations and about lotic freshwater environments.

Doctoral school(s)
DS 211 - Exact sciences and their applications
Co-accredited institutions : Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour