UP INRA 1268 - Biopolymers - Interactions - Assemblies (BIA)

In a context of demographic transitions, food, environmental and energy constraints, and awareness of the links between these factors and public health, the BIA Unit's researches focus on the sustainable transformation of agricultural resources and plant biomass, by integrating the whole processing chain of these resources from construction during the plant development to deconstruction in their end-use.

To achieve this objective, 3 scientific priorities are identified:

  • Control of the quality of crop production to meet the different uses in a context of sustainable agriculture
  • Improvement and development of healthy and sustainable formulated foods for targeted functionalities
  • Design of composite biosourced materials in a biomass valorization perspective

Key figures :

120 permanent staff members: 70 researchers and engineers, 50 technical and administrative staff members 30 PhD students, 20 post-doctoral fellows

Doctoral school(s)
DS 600 - Ecology, geosciences, agronomy, food
Co-accredited institutions : Agrocampus Ouest, Oniris, Université d'Angers, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Université de Nantes, Université Rennes 1