UMR 1062 - Center for Biology and management of populations (CBGP)

CBGP carries out research in the fields of systematics, genetics and ecology relevant to the management of populations and communities of organisms for the purposes of agriculture, public health and biodiversity. CBGP aims to characterize the diversity of these organisms, to understand structure and factors which modify them, to predict their evolution in a context of global changes.
The CBGP leads academic researches while making so that the results of research programs can drive to the elaboration of scenarios or decision-making tools dedicated to the management of pest and diseases or the conservation of endangered species.

6 Thematic groups

  • Origin and characterization of biodiversity Identification of species, historic and geographical diversification patterns, hosts-parasites co-evolution, barcoding, databases
  • Adaptation of phytophagous species, their natural enemies and symbionts Evolution of pest mites and associated organisms (parasitoids, predators, symbiontes) under the influence of the pressure of current/past biotic/abiotic selections
  • Ecology and evolution of zoonoses Epidemiology of infestious diseases vectored by wildlife animals and evolutionary mechanisms which lead to their emergence in man
  • Biology, ecology and evolution of invasive species Study of the paths of invasion, key factors of the success of invasion, selective processes in intrusive or expanding populations and genomic bases of observed adaptations
  • Statistical and evolutionary population genomics Statistical development of analysis methods to deduce the populations demographic and adaptive history from measures of the genetic polymorphism
  • High-speed molecular and biocomputing approaches Methodological developments dedicated to acquisition of latest generation genetic data and their biocomputing processing

Key figures :

May 2018 : 79 permanent staff (34 researchers, 17 engineers, 28 AI/Technicians 10 CDD/post doc 9 PhD students

Doctoral school(s)
DS 584 - Biodiversity, agriculture, food, environment, earth, water
Co-accredited institutions : AgroParisTech, Montpellier SupAgro, Université de Montpellier, Ecole des Mines d'Alès