UMR 1201 - Dynamics and ecology of agriforestry landscapes (DYNAFOR)

The DYNAFOR laboratory develops research at the interface between social sciences and environmental sciences, on the influence of agricultural and forest management practices on landscape structures, on the role of landscape structures and spatial processes in ecological dynamics, on the ecological consequences of agricultural practices.

Landscape ecology is the central discipline around which Dynafor's activities are organised. It is seen as an integrating science of human-nature relations. The spatial characteristics of environments, the dynamics and determinants of which must be accounted for and analysed, induce constraints and interactions on ecological and social-technical systems, but are also the result of part of the processes within these systems.

We consider landscape as the result of a co-evolution between social systems and ecological systems at multiple spatial and temporal scales that correspond to the different levels of organization of the processes studied. They represent a scale at which it is relevant to understand and model the relationships between human activities, ecological processes and, more broadly, the environment in order to produce references and tools, such as sets of indicators, to help manage different processes.

The processes studied generally concern land use change in landscapes, the influence of agricultural and forest management practices on biodiversity at different scales, the specific study of the role of agriculture-forest borders on biodiversity and the services provided by biodiversity to agriculture and forestry.

3 research axes :

  • Biodiversity of rural forests and semi-natural environments in landscapes (Biofor)
  • Research in Analysis and Modelling of Socio-Ecological Space Systems (Ramsses)
  • Landscape Ecosystem Services (Secoteam)
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Doctoral school(s)
DS 458 - Ecological, veterinary, agronomic and bioengineering sciences
Co-accredited institutions : Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse), INSA Toulouse