UMR_C 5245 - Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory (EcoLab)

The research carried out by the Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory (EcoLab) is in the field of ecology and environmental sciences, at the interface between the Life Sciences, the Universe Sciences and the Human and Social Sciences, in a context of sustainable development. The laboratory's vocation is the combined study of the functioning of communities and ecosystems and their interrelationships at different spatio-temporal scales.

Thus, research integrates environmental dynamics, the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functions, the influence of disturbance regimes on biodiversity, the dynamics and effects of pollutants, modelling ecosystem structure and functioning, and bioremediation and restoration of natural environments.

EcoLab focuses in particular on studying the responses of organisms/communities/ecosystems and their inter-relationships to external forcings and enhancing this work by developing research aimed at meeting society's expectations, particularly in terms of diagnosing and assessing the state of environments, defining new standards and indicators of the state of ecosystem health, biodiversity management, ecosystem services and, more generally, ecological engineering.

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Doctoral school(s)
DS 173 - Universe, environmental and space sciences
Co-accredited institutions : Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)