UMR_C 5193 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory, Solidarities, Societies, Territories - Rural Dynamics team (LISST)

The joint unit brings together several disciplines of the Human and Social Sciences (anthropology, urban and rural studies, geography, sociology, but also economics, psychology or management sciences) whose joint mobilisation makes it possible to shed light on some of the most significant transformations in the contemporary world and is interested in:
• Solidarity: in their form, whether spontaneous arrangements or arrangements within the framework of public policies.
• Societies: globalization and/or fragmentation of the social worlds, production of inequalities
• Territories: not simply as a "surface" but as a component of social dynamics.

Within this unit, the Rural Dynamics team is a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers and teacher-researchers divided into 4 disciplines: geography, sociology, economics and management. It unites around the same paradigm, the rural, as a practical reason and heuristic tool, which it approaches according to plural objects, the ruralities, as built territories endowed with specific attributes.

The research conducted within Rural Dynamics is structured around 3 major themes:

  • Diversity of agriculture, environments and productive territories
  • Complexity and uncertainties of rural territories: living, consuming, working
  • Territorialize public action.
Doctoral school(s)
DS 327 - Time, spaces, societies, cultures
Co-accredited institutions : Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, Université Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès