UP INRA 45 - Livestock Development (LRDE)

The Research Laboratory for Livestock Development was created in the heart of the Corsican mountains with one objective: to make livestock a pillar to revitalize this "hinterland" island deeply affected by a movement of agricultural and rural decline. Faced with competition from intensive livestock farming, a twofold observation is necessary: to preserve and develop Corsican livestock farming, it is necessary both to consolidate the territorial anchorage of the farms and to direct them towards the production of products of exceptional quality. The LRDE has been working in this perspective for three decades, structuring its research around a global term and project: preserving and developing pastoralism in Corsica.

Pastoralism refers to a set of practices associated with a strong territorial anchorage. First, there is the question of forage autonomy: animals must find a substantial part of their diet on the trails. The LRDE thus very early focused on the study of breeding practices and herd management methods in a system zootechnics approach.

Doctoral school(s)
DS 377 - Environment and society
Co-accredited institutions : Université de Corse Pasquale Paoli