UMR 7247 - Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (PRC)

The joint research unit Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour conducts fundamental and applied research on reproductive function, emotional, social and sexual behaviour and the coping mechanisms of individuals and populations in changing environments.
The themes addressed and the methodologies used enable the UMR to develop integrative and predictive biology approaches. The diversity of the species studied (domestic and wild mammals, laboratory animals, birds, humans) makes it possible to reinforce the fundamental approaches through comparative biology.

The purpose of the JRU's research activities is based on our ability to propose biotechnological innovations contributing to the improvement of assisted reproduction methods and to the sustainability of livestock systems combining competitiveness, environmental preservation and social demand.

The JRU has 11 research teams divided into three scientific centres:

1. Behavior and Neuroendocrinology

  • Molecular Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction
  • Neuroendocrine Network Dynamics and Microenvironment
  • Behaviour, Neurobiology, Adaptation
  • Neuroendocrinology of Sexual Interactions and Behaviors 

2. Endocrine Systems and Pharmacological Innovations

  • Biology and Bioinformatics of Signalling Systems
  • Genomic Plasticity and Phenotypic Expression
  • GPCR Reward Deficit and Sociability
  • Energy sensors and reproduction signalling

3. Gonades and Fertility

  • Cell Interactions and Fertility
  • Integrative Ovarian Biology
  • Gonade, Conservation, Regeneration
Doctoral school(s)
DS 549 - Health, Biology and Chemistry of Life Sciences
Co-accredited institutions : Université de Tours, Université d'Orléans