UMR 1120 - The Soil and Environment Laboratory (LSE)

The Soil and Environment Laboratory (LSE) is one of the pioneer laboratories dealing with strongly anthropized soil, a consequence of the expansion of urban, industrial and transport infrastructures as well as the intensification of agriculture, and decontaminating this soil via phytoremediation, which consists in cultivating plants that accumulate the pollutants in the parts that are harvested or that favor their biodegradation.

A team is working on two fronts :

  • Pedogenesis of strongly anthropized soil.
    The objective is to understand how severely anthropized soil is formed and to model its future evolution.
  • Phytoremediation of contaminated soil.
    The objective is to develop and optimize phytoremediation plants.

The SEL has at its disposition : 2 experimental sites, a common service for friable material, unit of the Federation of Water-Soil-Earth Research (la Fédération de Recherche Eau-Sol-Terre) based in the Laboratory, whose mission is to facilitate the preparation and characterization of friable material, controlled conditions, equipment for measuring and analysis.

Key figures :

8 teacher-researchers 6 researchers and engineers 8 technicians and administrative staff 11 doctorate and post-doctorate researchers