UMR_S 1031 - StromaLab

The objective of our institute is to understand and decipher how stromal cells and particularly the MSC, one of the most known adult stem cells and already used in regenrative medicine, are involved in tissue homeostasis and promote repair / regeneration processes.
We are particularly interested in the stroma and cellular components in bone marrow and adipose tissue. Bone marrow is one of the best known tissues can be considered as the tissue model.

Adipose tissue, well-known for their involvement in obesity and metabolic diseases, are used in restorative and reconstructive medicine for long time. Many studies including ours have shown that these tissues contained a very large population of cells equivalent to the MSC, i.e. ASC. So we were the first in the world to describe the angiogenic potential of these cells, to adapt to their culture process for therapeutic uses and to test their potential in a therapeutic trial.

2 teams :

  • Plasticity of adipose tissue
  • MSC and cell engineering: ENVT researchers participate in this team's research.
Unit website :