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Descriptif de la formation

RANEMA (a refresher course in applied epidemiology of animal diseases), designed under a partnership between the Ecole nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort (veterinary academy), the Animal and integrated risk management unit of CIRAD (AGIRs) and our training FVI-CIRAD team, with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The content of RANEMA is structured around a simple scenario: the trainees are vets working for the veterinary services in a virtual country called RANEMA. In order to carry out their professional duties, they must update their epidemiology knowledge through a set of activities. This training is available in several contextualized versions: Africa (French and English), Asia (English), Caribbean (French and English) and the Maghreb (French).


- Self-training (free duration). However it is advised to follow the course on a short period of time (one or two weeks).

- Each participant is alone and is not tutored. He can, however, contact the course instructor and the platform administrator for any technical problems.

- Knowledge acquisition can be checked by doing the on-line training exercises, which will determine a score.

Acquired skills

These courses are designed for veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians and health professionals wishing to reclaim the basic concepts in animal disease epidemiology, statistics and knowledge of avian flu.