Agreen U videos

The Agreenium researchers and lecturers-researchers produce new knowledge every day. Agreen U suggests that you keep up with scientific news and explore their research work through live-broadcast conferences and collections.
Agreen U videos let you:
  • explore the major research challenges and issues in themed collections 
  • acquire information on the most recent research findings, innovations being rolled out by professionals and controversies surrounding knowledge that has not yet been stabilised 
  • meet researchers, lecturers-researchers and landscape architects and find out more about their activities, programmes and passions 
  • broaden your knowledge of the transformation of the teaching and learning process through a “Educational transition and digital transformation” collection.  
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Feed the world
Twenty-four experts take stock of the state of scientific knowledge in the environmental, agriculture and food sectors, with a view to global sustainable food. 
These conferences last ten to fifteen minutes and give an overview of all issues challenging agricultural and veterinary research. 
They were recorded during the Universal Exposition in Milan in 2015.
Agribioscience challenges and issues
Climate change, growing world demographics, current transitions in ecology, nutrition, digital applications, bioeconomics, etc. are just a few of the agribioscience issues. The videos show these research areas with high societal impact.
Research findings
The Agreenium researchers and lecturers-researchers are gearing up to produce new knowledge using sophisticated methods. 
To make their work accessible, this collection presents a selection of the most recent research findings in the various agribioscience fields.
Innovations for practitioners
Agribioscience research aims to produce innovations for practitioners This collection presents a selection of these innovations to assist in understanding how research contributes to the advances in professional practices.
Disputes and controversies
Research is sometimes blamed for the risks brought by new knowledge. Science advances in stages and knowledge can sometimes be unstable; controversies are born within the community of scientists and citizens. The aim of the “Disputes and controversies” collection is to help the citizen to form his viewpoint from contrasting arguments.
Words of researchers
These videos let you meet enthusiastic researchers; they talk about their activity and their way of working.
Educational transition and digital transformation
The development of digital tools questions educational practices and the organisation of institutions. Agreenium organises seminars to compare the different points of view of education specialists and training practitioners. The “Educational transition and digital transformation” collection captures the discussions, highlights the inputs from various witnesses and feeds the collective reflection. The goal is to help the entire community to master the educational transition in conjunction with the digital transformation.