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26/09/2017 - Research and agricultural higher education publications 
An exploratory study carried out by Inra inside Agreenium’s network enabled to identify French research and agricultural higher education outlines worldwide...

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November 2016:  Agreenium, assessment of one year of governance
A meeting of the Agreenium Board of Directors was held on 24 November last year in Paris...

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14/10/16 - Launch of the work to modernise the veterinary reference framework: Work to modernise the veterinary diploma reference framework was launched on 4 October during a work session..

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22/09/16 - Agreenium accredited to award the PhD 
The Order of 29 August 2016 has just accredited the Institute with awarding the national PhD, with effect from the 2016-2017 academic year...

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02/04/16 - Setting up cooperation dynamics in agribiosciences
Agreenium presents its activity report for its first year in existence. The goal of the public cooperation institution is to implement education, research and innovation projects sponsored...
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19/02/16 - Agreenium at the Agriculture Show 
Found at the Show on the stands of its members, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1-3 March, the Institute is presenting a few actions and thoughts on training, research, development and innovation...
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25/02/16- Agreenium, CESNI and Danone are boosting their scientific cooperation 
During the visit of the President of the French Republic, François Holland, to Argentina, Agreenium, the Argentinian CESNI (Infant Nutrition Research Centre) and the DANONE Institute...
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25/01/16 - Welcoming a delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Senegal
A delegation of ten or so vocational training managers led by the Senegalese Minister for Higher Education and Research...

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27/05/15 - TAG conferences
Every Wednesday at 6.30 p.m. from 13 May to 21 October, at the Pavillon de la France, French researchers have been shedding light on the problem “Feeding the Planet, energy for life” for fifteen minutes. ...

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