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Qualitative survey methods applied to natural resource management

Descriptif de la formation

This training prepares participants to conduct qualitative surveys used in the social sciences to complement other survey methods: from constructing the problem statement up to the processing and interpretation of data, and including the design and conduct of semi-structured interviews.

The approach proposed in this e-training is applied to surveys in rural areas but can be transferred easily to other fields once you are equipped with a theoretical support for the field in question.


In this training, the teaching approach is active: you are sometimes led to question yourself and to analyze survey situations (through discovery and application exercises) before proceeding to the theoretical section.
Several sessions offer an inductive approach: working from examples, you gradually build up your knowledge by conducting critical analyses.
Some lessons draw from case studies, the descriptions of which are provided.
Lastly, the teaching materials are varied in nature: texts, videos, online self-assessment.

Acquired skills

- Know how to analyse a commission and move from the commission to the problem statement
- Know how to choose, coordinate, and organize investigation methods adapted to the problem set
- Know how to implement investigation techniques for social science questions
- Know how to process the data collected and understand the principles of interpreting results