You are a student

Agreen U, your agribiosciences university.
Do you wish to discover or go into agribiosciences in depth? You want to train with the educational teams in our schools? You have come to the right place!
Agreen U has been conceived as a genuine university where all services can be accessed remotely.
Agreen U offers all the services proposed by an open university and you can access them at any time: 

  •  online training courses - the list will be expanded as time goes on 
  •  multimedia digital resources to discover agribiosciences 
  •  selected documents to supplement your courses 
  •  means of cooperating within student communities and/or with the lecturers.  

Choosing distance training
Our training opportunities include: 

  • massive open online courses (MOOC), which follow fully an interactive course over several weeks. Most MOOC are free and award certificates of attendance. The Agreen U MOOC have all been produced by teams from research and higher education institutions that belong to Agreenium. 
  • distance training, integral programme module. 
  • self-training catch-up resources to prepare to join a training course or to catch up in a discipline at the beginning of the year.  

 Your Agreen U profile lets you access your training space. 
Discover our digital training course catalogue:

all digital training course
And if you cannot find anything, maybe you would be interested in a classroom training course:
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Finding resources
The video library has selected video resources to 
broaden your training and skills through image. 

Here you will find documents, reports, filmed conferences, etc. on themes of interest to you.  

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Our partner Quae offers a certain number of its 
e-books free of charge. 

In addition, registering for certain courses gives you access to additional e-books selected as part of the course.

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Open-access documents
Here you can find openly and free of charge: 
  • a database of more than four thousand open-access scientific articles on agribiosciences thanks to our HAL collection 
  • bibliographical databases 
  • a selection of open-access scientific reviews in French 
  • all documents  
all documents

Cooperate with the community tools
Create your personalised profile in Agreen U and join the community
Personalise your profile, link up with other members of the community and create your network

Create themed groups to discuss, work together and share resources
Publish articles and media

Every agreen U training course also offers a collaborative space open to learners. 
Go to your training space.  

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