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The PhD programme of the Agreenium international research facility, EIR-A

The aim of the EIR-A is to improve the employability of PhD students through international opportunities and an awareness of the major challenges of society. A total of 45 PhD students enrolled with one of the accredited members or supervised by a researcher or lecturer-researcher of one of its members benefit from this programme every year.

What is the EIR-A programme?
Since 2011, the EIR-A has offered PhD students carrying out their research work in a laboratory of an Agreenium member additional PhD training to expand their professional awareness. 
This is based on European benchmarks whereby the PhD student is deemed to be a young professional. 

The EIR-A programme supplements the doctoral training given by the institution in which the student is enrolled. 

Its prime objective is to prepare young scientists to take up international positions by highlighting their professional career. 

EIR-A PhD students enjoy residential seminars, a scientific stay abroad, an electronic skills notebook and personalised support centred on integrating the student’s skills from an employability perspective. 
Looking to recruit for the 6th graduating class!
First year PhD students in 2016-2017 hosted in laboratories of Agreenium members and/or supervised by an Agreenium member and interested in this programme are invited to contact their thesis supervisor to submit their application before the end of November. 
Enrolling for the EIR-A programme involves a formal undertaking by the thesis supervisor and manager of the host structure that the PhD student can attend two residential seminars and spend three months or more in a laboratory abroad. The next seminar will take place on 20-24 March 2017 at Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes) on the topic: “Challenges for livestock rearing in tomorrow’s societies” (full programme will be published shortly).  

Understand the EIR-A programme better
  • 2016 (Montpellier) -Topic: Sustainable and efficient food system : food, water and energy nexus
            see the programme
  • 2015 (Nancy) -Topic: Forests in the regions: challenges and risks 
            see the programme
  • 2014 (Toulouse) -Topic: Research responses to climate change issues
  • 2013 (Bordeaux) -Topic: Global research responses to water issues 
  • 2012 (Montpellier) -Topic: Global research responses to food security issues 
Contact EIR-A
Cooperation Officer, Engineering, Master and PhD training courses - Agreenium

Coordinators for recruiting the 6th EIR-A graduating class:
- Ile de France : Alexandre Péry 
- Bretagne + Pays de la Loire : Pierre-Yves Le Bail 
- Bourgogne-Franche-Comté : Hélène Poirier 
- Grand Est : Erwin Dreyer 
- Montpellier : to be announced  
- Toulouse : Hervé Remignon 
- Lyon & Clermont : to be announced  
- Other regions:
          Inra : Alice Pélegrin 
          Cirad : Magali Dufour 
          Irstea : Martine Guilllou-Azougli 
          Anses : Florence Lavissière