training courses

Landscape architect

The National School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP) offers courses to prepare for the diploma of Landscape Architect on its sites in Versailles and Marseille. Students are trained in the profession of Landscape Architect.

Teaching focused on the landscape project
The teaching, which is developed with the assistance of recognised landscape architects, focuses on workshop teaching where the students take on projects supervised by landscape architect professors and design professionals. 

The training is based on multi-discipline teaching: human sciences, geography, ecology, artistic teaching, scheduling and construction techniques.   

The profession of landscape architect
The landscape architect handles a variety of regional scales from parks and gardens to the development of public spaces and a regional development plan. It must take into account the complex timescales (plant growth, seasonal cycle, economic and political timetables, etc.). 
Its multi-discipline culture means that all data from the site to be developed and implement can identify, thanks to its creativity, a landscape plan incorporating all these dimensions.

Further information: ENSP 
Landscaping and Engineering MSc programme 
Agrocampus Ouest in Angers offers a landscaping and engineering course. The curriculum extends over five years (post-leaving certificate admission) or three years under a competitive process after leaving certificate+2. The multi-discipline course focuses on the sustainable development of resources and regions, so that the future engineer can mobilise knowledge in the fields of life sciences and technology, engineering sciences and economic, human and social sciences. From design to execution, the landscape architect is a specialist in developing public spaces and the regional development plan; he creates landscape projects based on scientific, technical, economic and human data imposed by the environment.  

Further information: Agrocampus Ouest