training courses

More than 150 master's programmes on offer

The Institute's higher agricultural and veterinary education institutions offer Master's programmes backed by research at the highest international level. The Master's degree is awarded after four training semesters comprising an M1 (Year 1) and an M2 (Year 2).
A Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS), including a BSc, is a prerequisite for entry into a Master's programme. Direct entry into M2 is possible provided the candidate holds a French or foreign Bachelor’s degree and has completed an additional year of study (60 ECTS).
Foreign students are welcome in our Master's programmes. 

The timetable and registration procedure varies from programme to programme and on the student's personal circumstances.

General organisation

Work placements are normally planned, both at M1 (eight to ten weeks) and M2 (sixteen to 24 weeks). 

The Master's degree is awarded after validation of 120 ECTS and is worth 300 ECTS. 

The student can move on to studying for a PhD or applying for employment in businesses or administrations.   

Programmes offered
Members of the Institute are involved in more than 150 Master's programmes, including 25 taught entirely in English

The 25 master programmes : 
  • 5 of which are Erasmus Mundus
  • 9 masters in 2 years
  • 11 masters in 1 year