agriculture and forestry

Climate, food, energy and environment are challenges for agricultural and forestry activities placing them at the heart of current issues. The biotechnology and digital revolutions are offering unprecedented prospects, bringing higher education, research and innovation to the forefront.
474.000 farms which produce 19% of European production
474 000

producing farms

19 %

of the european production

5 th

largest world agricultural producer after China, India, Russia and USA 

The agricultural sector products food for human beings and its agricultural and forestry products are found in nearly all the other consumer goods

Agriculture and forestry also provides many services for the environment (ecosystem services) and cultivation (food cultivation, landscape, etc.). One essential feature in facing up to the many challenges is to consider the diversity of agricultural and forest management models at a regional or global scale. The future of agricultural and forestry production lies in adapting ecosystem management constantly to changes in human resources and needs, be they natural or cultural. 

Obviously, tomorrow's agriculture and forestry should draw more on knowledge to incorporate the numerous transitions in progress that are mobilizing research, training and development: agro-ecological, digital, biotechnological, bioeconomic, nutritional, social and cultural transitions. 

Social and human sciences play a full role in these approaches, including the education sciences to improve the imparting of knowledge throughout a lifetime. 

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