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Master of engineering

Agreenium members offer engineering courses and programmes which are the equivalent of very high-level Masters of Engineering.
Course description
French training par excellence, the engineering degree is offered by eleven Agreenium members throughout the country. 

This is an Engineering Master's degree. 

Recruitment for these courses is very selective. It is a competitive process following, the most frequently, two to three years of studies after the secondary school leaving certificate (after validation of at least 120 ECTS credits). 

It is a three-year course
  • Year 1 (the fifth and six semesters following school leaving certificate): there is a core curriculum for the course in all the colleges. A first work experience for a few weeks, normally at the end of the first year, to become familiar with business. 
  • Year 2: in most curriculums, the career path starts to become individual or even “pre-specialisation”, including work experience for a few months. 
  • Year 3: in all colleges, semester 9 broadens the skills and semester 10 (the final one!) is devoted to work experience.  

In this last year, the student engineers have options for spending semester 9 in another institution. In particular, the student engineers can enrol for advanced studies in another Agreenium college. They are therefore offered 105 opportunities for advanced studies.

There are also agreements within the colleges so that students can either study for a Master’s instead of a “third year engineering” course or obtain a Master’s degree in addition to the engineering degree by taking additional courses. 

Lastly, agreements with French and foreign universities can lead to the granting of dual degrees.  
Recruitment for foreign students
There is a special entry route for foreigners wishing to enrol at an engineering college: the DE competition. A total of 89 places are offered under this scheme. The competition is open to foreign candidates who have completed or are currently completing predominantly scientific studies to M1 level (leaving certificate+4, former master's) and foreign studies providing French or foreign degrees or diplomas admitted in exemption by the judging panel. Only files showing academic excellence will be retained for examination by the judging panel. Application packages are specific to each college and must be downloaded from their website (see bottom of page). 

Caution: the deadline for applications is normally beginning February.