Agreenium's projects for agricultural development

To implement the missions entrusted to it in the field of training (coordination of bids), research (construction and conduct of joint research projects), Agreenium regularly responds to calls for projects on behalf of its members and/or coordinates a joint response to the request of its supervisory bodies. Agreenium may also carry out an action of a programme resulting from a call for projects issued by one of its members. The Institute carries out several international projects in favour of agricultural training and research for development. Discover the projects in progress.

AgreenMob: shared recruitment of international engineering students
Improve the internationalization of the recruitment of foreign student engineers in higher agricultural education institutions.
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Digital training, management and valorisation of data applied to decision support in agriculture for drought control in the Sahel
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Universities as key partners for the new challenges regarding food safety & quality in ASEAN.
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USSEIN (year 1)
Educational and scientific support for the creation of the University of Sine Saloum El-Hâdj Ibrahima NIASS (USSEIN).
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Agreenium-Wur partnerships
Agreenium and the Animal Sciences Group of the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) initiated collaborations in 2013. 

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