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Veterinary surgeon

I am a foreign student and I wish to study in France:
Four national Colleges train veterinary surgeons in France:

They award a veterinary PhD after five years of theoretical, practical and clinical training, which allows them to work across Europe. 
You are a student taking a veterinary course abroad and you wish to come to France (training or work experience):
To find out about incoming mobilities during initial training courses, please contact the international relations department in any of the four colleges:
You are a foreign student taking another training course:
You may be interested in some Masters which focus on animal health and welfare or animal productions.

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You have a veterinary PhD awarded in another country:
If you wish to extend your training, the national veterinary colleges offer:
                - ONIRIS 
                - ENVA  
                - VetAgrosup 
                - ENVT 

Caution, conditions for practising veterinary medicine are subject to rules of nationality and diploma and information should be sought from the Veterinary Board.