26 Apr 2019
A Bangladeshi delegation received by Agreenium: first contacts
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A delegation of 8 officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the main agricultural research centre in Bangladesh was received on Tuesday 24 April at Agreenium's premises in Paris by the Institute's agricultural and scientific education cooperation officers.

The objective of this meeting was to gain a better understanding of Agreenium's areas of expertise in order to identify areas for future cooperation in the field of higher agricultural education and research. The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (Barc), represented by its President, Executive Director and several Managing Members, has funding for international programmes. 

After having presented the principle of mutualisation between Agreenium members, grandes écoles and research institutes, the main areas of intervention of the Institute were detailed before the participants: development of training projects through digital technology and pedagogical teaching, international actions in the form of partnerships or calls for projects, etc.

Discussions continued on very concrete questions from the Bangladeshi delegation: can we study in English in the establishments of the Ministry of Agriculture in France? What are the registration requirements for a Bangladeshi student? What are the different types of partnerships possible?

The actions developed by Agreenium have made it possible to illustrate some of the answers to these questions: training databases and a brochure of programmes delivered in English that raise the visibility of the members' training offer; the Asifood and Ussein programmes, which have made it possible to develop training modules and courses in South-East Asia and Senegal in partnership; the project for a digital campus network in agrobiosciences, etc.

The delegation was interested in the working method proposed by Agreenium to first identify their partnership needs in order to enable an appropriate response.


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