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Digital education

Changes in digital technologies and the globalisation of higher education and research are converging on rapid development of the global digital training on offer. 
Agreenium has launched an agribiosciences Digital University project which will open its doors in February 2017.
The aim of the Digital University is access to all the digital training on offer from the French agricultural and veterinary sciences research and education system via a single portal. 
 This poses two challenges: 
  •  facilitate access to scientific, technical and vocational training of all learners who have no possibility of learning in formal education systems (due to distance, cost, etc.) 
  •  help to construct a skills ecosystem in France and in all countries which seek to support the development of sustainable agriculture to increase food security.  

Agreenium represents all its members involved in agribiosciences with the FUN-MOOC group. New MOOC produced and run by members are gradually going to give the French courses a strong international profile.  

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Innovative modules
Numerous projects are currently being produced by the members, in particular fourteen innovative modules representing nearly 500 hours of training created via the IDEFI-N call for projects (for 2016-17) in agri-business, agroecology, animal health, management and water sciences.