International actions

Agreenium conducts innovative and ambitious collective projects that rely on pooled resources to implement concrete actions with positive operational fallout.
In France 
Agreenium sets up a pooled service to welcome foreign delegations, centralise and direct requests from foreign partners (expertise, exchanges, partnerships, etc.) or advise and support members’ missions abroad

The international project team watches out for cooperation, organisation and support opportunities for collective responses to calls for tender and thus manages the projects with or on behalf of its members.

Agreenium relies on its network of representatives made available by its members, mainly the Cirad regional directors and the joint Cirad-INRA representatives.  

Apart from promoting the French system for agribiosciences internationally, Agreenium representatives watch out for and identify local partnership or financial opportunities for all members and support the building up of bi- or multilateral partnerships.
Under the globalisation of agriculture-related issues
Agreenium participates within the French Commission for International Agricultural Research (CRAI) in discussions on the place held by the French approach in the global agriculture research system (GFAR - Global Forum on Agricultural Research; CGIAR - Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research). Agreenium is also involved in preparing the international strategy for research, innovation and higher education (SIRIES 2017-2030) sponsored by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MENESR) and takes part in harmonising actions with the Ministry of International Development (MAEDI) on questions of scientific and academic cooperation and global issues.