Ongoing project: USSEIN (year 1)
Educational and scientific support for the creation of the University of Sine Saloum El-Hâdj Ibrahima NIASS (USSEIN).
Countries concerned : 

The total budget is 702 k€
Republic of Senegal – Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Service contract)
1 year (March 2015-March 2016). Year 2 is being prepared
Principaux partenaires
République du Sénégal, Agreenium
Main partners
  • Ensfea
  • Montpellier SupAgro
  • Cirad
The overall aim of this Agreenium partnership project is to support USSEIN in becoming a "modern university tied to the land for food security, sustainable development and prosperity".
Expected achievements
  • to provide methodological support to define sectors of specialization; 
  • to put forward innovative educational strategies; 
  • to create a motivating research and educational environment within USSEIN; 
  • to align the strategy/governance/organisation of USSEIN. 

Agreenium’s role
  • to establish strategic guidelines; 
  • to supervise the implementation of project activities; 
  • to coordinate responses of Agreenium members; 
  • to adapt the implementation of the activities of Agreenium experts to the defined timetable; 
  • to specify/redefine the terms of reference of each activity; 
  • to identify experts for the implementation of each activity and ensure results are achieved;
  • to develop a procedures manual for the project. 

Project manager for Agreenium
Etienne Saur (Agreenium)