09 Apr 2018
Etienne Saur, responsable des relations internationales d'Agreenium accueillant Dr Hongzhi SUN, directeur des relations Internationales de la Northeast Forestry University
Agreenium meets Chinese universities in life sciences in Beijing and Shanghai
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France and China wish to develop their academic relations in all disciplines and at all levels. To encourage the emergence of new cooperations, the French Embassy in China mobilized some 20 French higher education institutions, during two institutional exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai on March 30 and April 2. The goal was to meet 90 top rated universities from all parts of China. 

Presentations by the academic cooperation sector, by Franco-Chinese institute leaders and former students have allowed to understand all the complexity but above all, the potential to develop high level academic cooperation. 

Agreenium has had a real success with eleven Chinese universities. Indeed, they have been very sensitive to the possibilities of doctoral mobility supervised by the agreement between Agreenium and the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and by the offer of diversified courses in English at the master's level. Several universities want to develop broader academic exchanges by hosting French students as well as teacher-researchers in order to co-build medium-term training opportunities.

This mission has shown that the scale of Agreenium within its scope associating research institutes and "grandes écoles" is likely to interest the major Chinese universities in the quest for internationalization and excellence, thus justifying an investment of our institutions to establish long-term cooperation in the field of agrisciences. 
Photo: Etienne Saur, Agreenium Head of International Relations welcoming Dr. Hongzhi SUN, Director of International Relations, Northeast Forestry University

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