22 May 2018
Agreenium participates in the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, 11-14 September, Geneva
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A delegation of international relations officers from Agreenium member schools participates in the annual meeting of the EAIE, the European center for knowledge, expertise and networking in the internationalization of higher education. The event takes place at the Exhibition and Convention Center (Palexpo) in Geneva from 11 to 14 September and is expected to bring together more than 7,000 institutional representatives from higher education from around the world.

Cécile Dubas, coordinator of international cooperation projects, Agrocampus Ouest: "To participate in the EAIE conference is a huge time saver because the vast majority of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions), our European partners but also outside Europe, are present. Being able to physically meet our counterparts and interlocutors throughout the year is a real added value. A must-attend annual event for the promotion of higher education, this event makes it possible to ensure a high visibility of the French agronomic system by grouping all the establishments in a single stand with the colors of Agreenium."

Tanya Pardo, Head of International Relations, Bordeaux Sciences Agro: "The joint management between members allows networking and exchange of good practices between French partners on cross-cutting issues. This emulation is particularly enriching. The rise of the offer of training schools in English presented in a collective manner and declined in semesters of exchange, diplomas of license and master but also of training on line, demonstrates all its effectiveness in this type of salon by direct contacts between academic partners. In the previous two editions, schools registered new opportunities for international mobility for students, new applications for courses and the genesis of new institutional arrangements."

Dominique Louette, head of international mobility, Montpellier SupAgro: "This annual conference is a space for exchanges and networking essential for sustaining its relations with foreign partners, developing its attractiveness internationally and advancing incoming and outgoing academic mobility. " This event responds to a strong demand from members of Agreenium and promotes cohesion between international relations officers creating favorable conditions for the emergence of new collective actions."

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